Academic Projects

Over the last 13 years Pietro Tundo’s research has been granted, as PI, approximately 3.530.000 € in funding.
The University of Venice supports his research based on a peer review system, but with a limited amount of capital: in the last 10 years he received the maximum grant available, as PI, totally € 150.000.

Current Project: Product and process innovation for maintenance, conservation and sustainable restoration and programmed cultural heritage

Project Title Funding source Amount


Period Role of the PI Relation to current

ERC proposal

Innovazione di prodotto e di processo per una manutenzione, conservazione e restauro sostenibile e programmato del patrimonio culturale. Italian Ministry for Research and Education 650.000 Feb 2014- Feb.  2018 Scientific responsible for the University of Venice Limited
Pietro Tundo is the Scientific Director of the project “Product and process innovation for maintenance, conservation and sustainable restoration and programmed cultural heritage” (number SCN_00520) that has received funding from MIUR The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research  Programme “Smart cities and communities and social innovation – topic: Cultural Heritage”–  financing permitted € 8.176.393,78.- D.D. n. 428, 13/02/2014.
The project aims to design and develop technological solutions for diagnostics, restoration and maintenance of cultural heritage assets through the design and manufacture of innovative products and procedures for the restoration of architectural artworks and materials.
In recent years, there has been an increase of awareness campaigns promoting the use of green materials and methodologies in the field of cultural heritage restoration and conservation, in order to safeguard the operator health and the environment. Hence, the necessity of a strict collaboration among Green Chemistry experts coming from academia, industry and public bodies, e.g., municipal authorities and institutions, to protect cultural heritage assets


University of Venice
University of Basilicata
University of Aquila
University Sapienza of Rome

Collaborating authorities:

The City of Venice
The Superintendence of Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the City of Venice and Lagoon

Other partners:

Fondazione Forte Marghera

IUPAC Projects

The projects developed within the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry IUPAC allow international collaborations between colleagues working in the various chemical frontier sectors.
Recent projects funded by IUPAC of which Pietro Tundo is Chairman or Member of the Task Group.


2017-030-2-041 Metrics for Green Syntheses
2017-006-2-041 Postgraduate Summer School on Green Chemistry
2016-024-2-020 Planning and coordination of global activities for the celebration of IUPAC100 in 2019
2013-057-3-300 Chemistry Beyond Chlorine
2009-014-2-300 Sustainable Education and Environmental Development (SEED) in Latin America
2008-016-1-300 Chlorine-free syntheses for green chemistry – PAC special topic issue
2005-015-1-300 Global Climate Change – Translation and Dissemination of a monograph for Secondary Schools
2003-026-1-300 Green chemistry in Russia
2003-043-1-300 Green chemistry in the Arab region
2002-018-1-300 Green Chemistry in Africa
2002-064-1-300 Green Chemistry in Latin America
2002-029-1-300 A IUPAC coordinated web page on Green/Sustainable Chemistry
1999-007-1-300 White Book and Symposium-in-print on Green Chemistry

Past Projects/Grants

External research grants were:
Project Title Funding source Amount


Period Role of the PI Relation to current

ERC proposal

New Chemical Detoxification Methods for Hazardous Halo-Aromatic Pollutants NATO grant 60.000 2004 Coordinator None
New Catalytic Methods for the Degradation of Polychlorinated Organic Pollutants INTAS grant Total 600.000

PI: 120.000

2003 Coordinator None
Alkylation using dialkyl  carbonates Imperial Chemical Industries, ICI 261.000. 2005-2008 Coordinator None
Advanced safe solvents for innovative industrial eco-processing Solvsafe EU; FP6 Integrated Project PI, 665.000 2005-2009 Leader of two WPs None
Innovative heterogeneous catalysts for the reaction between aromatic amines and dimethyl carbonate for the synthesis of urethanes DOW Poliuretani Italia 270.000 2006-2008 Coordinator None
Exploitation of Isosorbide Roquette, France 80.000 2009-2010 Coordinator None
Projects of great relevance (Progetti Grande Rilevanza) Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs 200.000 Coordinator None
Research Projects granted by INCA Interuniversity Consortium “Chemistry for the Environment” 200.000 2003-2009 Coordinator None
EU Summer Schools on Green Chemistry EU, NATO 450.000 1998-2008 Coordinator None
Summer school on green chemistry UNESCO 15.000 Coordinator None
Synthesis and applications of new solvents of low toxicity in sealants for shoes manufacturing Regione Veneto 72.000 2011-2012 Coordinator None
FSE grants Regione Veneto 100.000 2009- 2015 Scientific responsible None
Project Title Funding source Amount


Period Role of the PI Relation to current

ERC proposal

Rise –

CO2 Exchange-

EU 112.500 (to Venice) 2016-2200 Collaborator of  PI Yes


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