The International IUPAC Conferences Series on Green Chemistry (ICGCs)

In 2006 Pietro Tundo founded and promoted with IUPAC the first of the International IUPAC Conferences Series on Green Chemistry.
Since then the event has been taking place every two years gathering several hundreds of scientists, technologists, and experts from all over the world with the aim to exchange and disseminate new ideas, discoveries, and projects on green chemistry and sustainable development.
The Series of IUPAC Conferences on Green Chemistry has become a key event in the field: the 7th ICGC was recently held in Moscow and the 8th will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, in September 2018.

The 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry (ICGC-6)

In September 2016, after Dresden, Moscow, Ottawa, Foz do Iguaçu and Durban, the International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry moved to Venice, Italy, where it was Chaired and managed by Prof. Pietro Tundo alongside the Organizing Committee of Venezia.
The event was held at the Centro Culturale Candiani and the Teatro Toniolo of Venezia Mestre, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
international iupac conference on green chemistry
The theme of the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry was Sustainability through Green Chemistry and it was divided into five topics:
  • Green Materials;
  • Green Industrial Processes and Molecular Innovation;
  • Green Bioprocesses;
  • Green Energy;
  • and Green Policy and Education
The most talented participants were invited to submit a manuscript based upon their lectures presented at the conference for consideration as a publication in a Special Conference-related Issue of the IUPAC journal, Pure and Applied Chemistry, PAC. Twenty-nine original scientific articles have been selected from the most outstanding contributions at the Conference leading to two full PAC Special Issues in January and February 2018. The January Issue is now available on-line.
The Conference was endorsed by UNESCO and was sponsored by PhosAgro, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Milestone, Mapei, Cefic, L’Oréal, Ecopneus, Nemo Glass, Perkin Elmer, Biogest and Pirelli.
The success of ICGC-6 is reflected in the numbers: 580 registrations from 76 countries, 400 active participants, four daily parallel sessions, six plenary lectures, 20 keynote speeches, two symposia, three round-table discussions and about 250 original scientific reports.

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