International Academic Experience 

Pietro Tundo was guest researcher in J. Fendler’s laboratory at College Station (Texas,1979-1981), Syracuse University (New York,1981-82) and Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam (New York, 1989-90).
He collaborated on heteropolyacids with the University of La Plata, Argentina and on hydrodehalogenation of halogenated aromatics with Moscow University and with the Russian Academy of Science (INTAS Projects).
He had a significant collaboration with J. De Simone, University of Chapel Hill, NC, on sc-CO2 as a solvent in organic syntheses.
Other collaborations include also colleagues from North and South America, China, East Europe and Mediterranean countries and international institutions like IUPAC and EuCheMS as well.

Professional Activities 

Pietro Tundo is IUPAC Bureau Member and Chair of the IUPAC Interdivisional Committee on Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development ICGSD, established by IUPAC on 14th July 2017.
ICGCSD supersedes the previous IUPAC Sub-Committee on Green Chemistry of which Pietro Tundo was chairman from 2001 to 2008. ICGCSD is responsible for advancing the IUPAC strategic plan for green and sustainable chemistry for assisting the Union in initiating, promoting, and coordinating work in the area of Green and Sustainable Chemistry, and for developing a coherent programme of actions.
Pietro Tundo founded:
– the Working Party on Green and Sustainable Chemistry of EuCheMS;
– the IUPAC Series Conferences on Green Chemistry;
– the monthly magazine for Secondary Schools “Green. La Scienza al Servizio dell’Uomo e dell’Ambiente” (2006).
He is coordinator of UNESCO UNITWIN “Green Chemistry Excellence from Baltic Sea to Mediterranean Sea and Beyond” and Chairman and founder of MEGREC, the Mediterranean Green Chemistry Network. This voluntary association of Institutions of Mediterranean Countries (Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Serbia, Greece and Spain) was founded in Belgrade on 2005. It is the only network sponsored by UNESCO in the field of Chemistry (UNITWIN Network No. 731).
He was Chairman of three “Progetti di Grande Rilevanza” (High Relevance Projects) related to Green Chemistry and granted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Algeria, Argentina and Russia.
He directed and founded (1993) of the Inter-university Consortium “Chemistry for Environment” (INCA), embodying 31 Italian Universities. President elected in 01-2001 and re-elected in 03-2005. Immediate Past-President since 04-2009. Designer and director (since 2019) of the Laboratory of INCA at Marghera.

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